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 Buyers Services

        I believe in providing unparalleled service to my clients. The first step when you are ready to buy a house is to contact me via phone, email, or from my website and let me know you are interested in buying. We  will meet and go over what you are looking for, where, when, and how I can help. Some of the basic details of the buying process are on the video below.  From there, we start looking for your new property. I can help you buy a house anywhere in the state of California. I also have referral partners in many states across the country. When you find the home you like, I will then work with the seller and their agent to negotiate on your behalf, prepare all required legal documents, and make sure the process is as smooth and as simple as possible.  I have a successful track record as a seasoned negotiator and will be committed to assist you in your buying process. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.



Home Buying Process  

What you Need to Know 

Work process

 as a prior Property Acquisitions Specialist for a real estate investment company, my clients and my work experience will tell you  that I am an expert at finding great properties, negotiating great deals for my clients & pricing a property right.
why not work with an agent who is an expert at finding the perfect property for you. 

How it works

Once you are ready to start looking to buy a house, we will go over your budget goals and search requirements. Based on this criteria I will send you listings and get you access into the homes you want to view. I will be your agent and represent you to buy your new home. I will help you find what you are looking for, negotiate the best deal possible, and  walk you through the complicated title, closing, and escrow process. In exchange for this work the seller pays a commission to me  and my broker for helping them to sell the home that you are buying. 

We search & I write the offer

The internet has changed the home search as we know it. Because so many people search for their homes online, I am able to pass this savings onto my clients. Anytime their is a home you want to view, you can contact me to get you access to view and tour the house. Once you decide on what house you want to buy, you let me know, I create the offer contracts and send it to you to sign. I then submit this offer to the selling agent and notify you once it is either accepted or declined. If it is accepted then we start to do our inspections and review any and all disclosures. I believe in providing the best possible service to my clients.

Can you send me listings ?

Yes, I have access to the Northern California M.L.S ( multiple Listing Service) and others all around the state. So while most buyers enjoy searching online for their perfect home, some want a steady stream of new houses in a special select area of interest sent to them, so they can find properties as they hit the market.

I negotiate on your behalf

Submitting offers is easy but getting them approved can be hard in a very competitive market. I have the experience to help your offers get approved. I know how to find out what sellers want. In slower buyers markets I can help you negotiate better pricing, repairs, and even potential concessions towards closing costs or inspections. I am a seasoned expert negotiator and I am ready to help you buy your next house.

Final Steps

Please feel free to contact me so we can go over when you are looking to move, what your goals are and your budget. I provide a free no cost consultation. My exclusive buyer services are subject to availability. I also provide full selling services. In my exclusive selling package I charge a standard commission structure, but I also provide a generous buyers rebate for these clients when they buy their next home.

Refer me to your friends and family !

If you like my services please refer me to your friends, family, and neighbors. I love working with referrals and enjoy helping people even more.

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